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  • 产品名称: DW13SC-C02

· 6 wash programs: P1 Normal, P2 Economic, P3 Tough, P4 Quick, P5 Glass, P6 Self-Clean

· Water softener: Adjustable water quality setting, Program automatically detect water quality and improve accordingly.

· Filtered Water: Filter away residue prevent clogging, detachable filter for easy cleaning.

· Dispensers: Separately dispense detergent and rinse aid.

· Water dispense valves: 4X combination control upper/middle/lower washing arms, Save energy and wash completely.

· Delay start: 24hours delay start, washing time easy appointed.

· children lock: Prevent from children mistakenly operations

· 48h/72h fresh keeping: 48 hours and 72 hours heated fresh air circulation, keep away from wet and odor.

· Double drying: leftover temp. + Condensation drying (ECO.)

· PTC Heated drying: Heated drying without odor generate, efficiently bacteria elimination(CLN.)

· High temp. Sterilization: 72degree high temp. washing, enhanced bacteria elimination

· Middle rack height adjustable: Middle rack with 50cm adjustable height, flexible space for large kitchenware.

· Lower rack tines foldable: Lower rack tines foldable, easy for pot and cooker tub washing

· Adjustable & Removable insert basket: Upper/middle/lower rack equipped with removable insert basket, large cookwares washing one time resolved.

· Interior light: Light switch on when door opened

· Stainless steel tub: Resist high temp., easy cleaning

· Rinse aid indicator: Automatically on when less rinse aid

· Salt indicator: Automatically on when less salt

· Product size: L598xW600xH845 (mm)

· Rated voltage:220~       Rated frequency:50Hz        Rated power:1850W

· Water consumption (ECO):10L        Energy consumption (ECO):0.85kwh

· Capacity: 12 place settings

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