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How to maintain the coffee machine?

The development of the coffee machine industry is one of the manifestations of China's humanistic culture and economic development level. In the past, drinking coffee for the author was truly desirable and unattainable, but now you can basically drink coffee in various streets and alleys. There are cafeterias, coffee bars are upscale and ordinary. Then, how to maintain the coffee machine? What should pay attention to when the maintenance? The following easy to get small electrical appliances for you to introduce how to maintain the coffee machine.
1. After you buy it, please read the instructions carefully to see if the voltage matches. There are other precautions and operating instructions to avoid damage caused by improper operation.
2. After installation, check whether the power cord is connected and if there is any sign of cracking or damage, to avoid electric shock, disinfect the body of the pot with boiling water, remove dust, and use it cleanly.
3. The electric coffee maker cannot be dried, but it cannot be filled with too much water, otherwise the water will overflow the wet electric heating element after the water boils. When adding water, do not allow water to splash on the electrical components of the kettle to avoid lowering the insulation.
4. Since the new machine has the taste of plastic material and it is harmful to the human body, before the electric coffee maker is used for the first time, it is necessary to boil two pots of boiling water to remove bad taste.
5. The coffee pot is regularly descaled and descaled 2-5 times per year depending on usage. The specific method is to add 2 cups of clear water to the water tank, add 50ml vinegar, and then dribble one cup of the brewed vinegar according to the brewing coffee procedure. Let it stand for 20 minutes and then start the rinsing tank so that all the water in the tank is drained. After shutting off the water for 5 minutes, use fresh water again. Operate 1-2 times.
6.Leave the net and filter clean, soak in the water for a period of time, then rinse with water, rinse back and forth, do not use a hard object to scrape, so as to avoid damage, affect the use.
7. It should be pointed out that when cleaning the coffee maker, the kettle body cannot be directly immersed in water, and the filter and filter should be removed separately. The other parts are preferably wiped with a clean soft cloth.
8. After use or after cleaning, dry it with a dry cloth and place it in a place that is not easily touched by children. It must be inverted, and heavy objects should not be used

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