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Juicer and Soymilk should be maintained and cleaned

Juicers and soya-bean milk makers are used by many families, and some families still use them every day. However, these two kinds of machines are inconvenient to clean and are difficult to be thorough.
The following methods can better clean the juicer or soya-bean milk machine: immediately after squeezing the juice or after soya-bean milk, use a scouring pad or a small, used toothbrush to clean the machine's cutter head, strainer, etc. Fruit residue, bean dregs and other impurities condensed. Add 1/3 warm water and dishwashing liquid to the mixing vessel, plug in the power and stir for 30 seconds, then rinse with water. If the cutter head is used to grind the meat, put the remaining grits into the slag and stir it in the mixer to effectively absorb the meat and other residues.
If used regularly, the plastic cups of juicers and soya-bean milk makers will turn yellow in time. If you encounter this kind of problem, you can use a small piece of dough and rub it with a little detergent to clean it.

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