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How to choose electric egg beater

How to use electric egg beater?
Small appliances enrich and facilitate our lives, saving us a lot of valuable time, which includes electric egg beaters. In the past, people beat eggs not using chopsticks or spoons, or foreigners invented manual patterns to beat eggs. , and the traditional chopsticks and spoons are not very good for clearing and yellowing eggs. They rely on manual flower mixers, which limits our enthusiasm for making foods that require eggs, but electric whisks The birth changed all of this, it uses the appearance of a flower egg beater, which can not only beat the egg, but also can play the bubble, but for many small household appliances is not very useful, then I will say below, How to use electric egg beater. The
How to use eggbeater correctly
When the egg beater continues to heat for a while (3 to 5 minutes), please be assured that this is a normal phenomenon. Be sure to let it rest and use it again. The general mixer will do this; be sure to pay attention to the correct Use method can extend the life of the machine!
Many people think that butter is "abstract" and I don't know to what extent it should be sent. In fact, butter is much simpler to beat than to use protein or whole eggs. The butter is usually made on the following occasions: making pound cakes (heavy cream cakes/butter cakes), emulsifying muffins, making butter biscuits, etc. The process of sending is the same, butter softens - add sugar, salt begins to send - to add eggs in order to continue to send.
The principle of butter is that the solid grease can be wrapped in air during whipping. Similar to the eggs, the volume of the butter becomes more and more bulky and the interior is full of numerous tiny pores. After mixing the butter and other materials, it can act as a bulking agent during the baking process, allowing the cake/biscuit to grow in size and become loose.
The difference between manual egg beater and electric egg beater
Egg beater is also one of the essential tools for making desserts and baking at home. The egg beater is divided into manual egg beater and electric egg beater. What is the difference between these two types of egg beater and when is it used?
1. Manual egg beater: The manual egg beater is mainly used to beat eggs, send butter, and stir materials.
I usually do biscuits and piepi butter when using manual egg beater to send the work, when mixing ingredients will use it, it is recommended to make cakes batter is best to use manual egg beater, easy to use electric from the surface Gluten, affect the taste.
2, electric egg beater: The general market electric egg beater will have 4 - 5 stalls, mainly used to send protein, used when sending fresh cream. Save time and effort. The price of electric egg beater is also more than fifty dollars, it is recommended that you buy a regular brand Quanguolianbao. Nowadays, there are bucket egg beaters on the market, which are also useful. The advantage of this is that they do not have to hold the egg beater in one hand to send the egg whites, nor can they hear the egg beater colliding with the stainless steel pots. There was a rattling noise. It is also very convenient to have protein or cream when it is cooked without having to stop and add sugar.
Of course, you can also use hand-operated eggbeater to send protein and whipping cream, but you have to pay a lot of energy, especially to send protein, and friends who want to lose weight and exercise arms can try it.
How to buy egg beater
Making West Point is an indispensable egg beater. But in the face of the numerous egg beaters on the market, how should you choose? Combining his own experience in the production of West Point for many years, this article is featured in this article and hopes to help everyone.
First, manual egg beater
The manual eggbeater is one of the must-haves for West Point. Some people say that I have electric at home and I don't need to use it manually. In actual fact, making West Point usually requires an electric egg beater and a manual egg beater. Such as making chiffon cake, electric used to fight protein paste, manually used to beat egg yolk paste. Because Qi Feng needs to produce a particularly soft cake body, it is also recommended to use a manual egg beater instead of an electric egg beater when mixing flour.
So, how to choose manual eggbeater? I combined my own experience and everyone to talk about it.
Previously, when studying abroad at West Point. The manual eggbeater used by the professional pastry chef I used was very hard and the eggs were effortless. On one occasion, looking at an eggbeater at a small grocery store was very cheap, only a few dollars, and it was bought back. As a result, because the hardness is not enough, it can't beat the eggs at all. It's really a penny. So, I think the egg beater needs to choose a better brand product. I am now using a three-power manual eggbeater, using stainless steel thick thread, good elasticity, not easily deformed. The surface of the material is electrolytically treated. And the three-energy egg dumps use manual assembly. In this way, the stainless steel wire of the egg beater is not easy to turn around and is not easily broken.
Second, electric egg beater
The electric egg beater is, of course, one of the essential tools for making West Point. Otherwise, if the beat of protein is done by hand, it would be a super manual work that cannot be achieved without exertion.

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